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For executors & liquidators

You have accepted your appointment as executor or have been appointed liquidator by the court after the opening of an estate.

Your first task is to draw up a (provisional) inventory of the estate which includes a list of assets and debts on the date of death of the deceased. The law states that the payment of debts is one of the tasks of an executor or a liquidator. The assets may even have to be sold in order to pay them.

Moreover, the tax base for inheritance tax is determined on the basis of the inventory of the estate; as executor or liquidator you are jointly and severally liable for the inheritance tax levied thereon.

It is therefore of utmost importance that you are aware of all assets, even - or perhaps particularly - if they are located abroad. As specialists in our field we will be happy to take over this search from you.

About us

Klaas Zondervan (1981) is a probate or legal genealogist and is known, among other things, from the Dutch RTL4 program "The Heir", which aired in 2020 and was presented by the well-known Dutch television personality and stand-up comedian Ruben Nicolai.

With Tracersinternational.com he conducts worldwide research for, among others, the legal and notarial professions. This research primarily focuses on determining relationships under family law and tracing people. The modus operandi developed in this way is also used to search for assets or to conduct recovery investigations.

He also works as an executor, administrator and court-appointed liquidator at Luminis Executele & Vereffening.

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For lawyers & creditors

Creditors of the estate can recover from the assets belonging thereto. But what if there are or appear to be no assets? Or if the value of the known assets is insufficient to cover the claim?

Perhaps you are a creditor of an heir and want to investigate whether you are disadvantaged by the renunciation of an inheritance. Or perhaps you are providing legal aid to a creditor in your capacity as attorney? High time for an assets or recovery investigation!

We have been conducting probate research and locating heirs for the notarial and legal profession since 2013. The experience and expertise we have accrued since then, we also use for assets investigations.

Through our international network of professional investigators, we are able to efficiently find out in most foreign countries whether assets are present in the name of the deceased. We provide evidence you can rely on!

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